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Updated on the 30th of March 2010 with a new version of monitor for windows!

28th of February 2010 with a new version of CrunzhMonitor for the Mac.

3rd of January with the release of CrunzhLoc version 2.0 which add a GUI.

15th of November 2009 with a new release of CrunzhMonitorMac.

21st of May 2009 with a new version of CrunzhMonitor.

30th of January 2009: A small bugfix has been released for the windows edition of CrunzhMonitor.

1st of December 2008: I have added several new features to CrunzhMonitor (Windows).

8th of September 2008: CrunzhMailMac version 1.3 is out!

13th of July 2008: CrunzhMonitorMac has been updated.

26th of March 2008: CrunzhMonitor for the Mac is out!

21st of December 2007: CrunzhMonitor has been updated.

24th of November 2007: CrunzhMailMac version 1.2.1 is out!

7th of October 2007: CrunzhMailMac version 1.2 is out!